Redhoshi's Portfolio

University of Tsukuba

Laboratory for Sound and People with Computing


  1. 【2018 ~ 2022】 University of Tsukuba Bachelor : media art and science technology
  2. 【2022 ~ 202x】 University of Tsukuba Master : Informatics
  3. 【2023 ~ 2024】 Brandenburg University of Technology Master (exchange student) : Artificial Intelligence


  • Development with Flutter

  • Profession of Teaching

  • The Research of music perception for hearing impaired people

  • Graph Visualization using Spotify API

  • Simulated hearing loss experiment system for elderly people with hearing loss

  • Pfand Vending Machine

  • Development of a music recommendation system based on voice tone for depressed patients


    • Dean's Award of media art science and technology
    • Ishii Prize on ICT management Research Group


  1. Shiho Akakis, Daichi Moriyama, Kenta Wakasa, Rumi Hiraga, Keiichi Yasu, Keiji Tabuchi, and Hiroko Terasawa. 2021. Consideration on the Difficulty of Timbre Identification of Musical Instrument Sounds for Hearing Training of the Hearing Impaired, The 3rd Japan-Taiwan Symposium on Psychological and Physiological Acoustics Jointly held withASJ Auditory Research Meeting (non-peer reviewed), 2021-11
  2. 赤木志帆, 森山大地, 若狭健太, 平賀瑠美, 安啓一, 田渕経司, 寺澤洋子, 聴覚障害者の楽器音認知に関する検討-楽器分類に着目して- ,情報処理学会アクセシビリティ研究会(AAC), 2022-3 情報処理学会アクセシビリティ研究会 第18回研究会 (査読なし)
  3. Shiho Akaki, Rumi Hiraga, Keiichi Yasu, Keiji Tabuchi, and Hiroko Terasawa, Design and Evaluation of Instrument Sound Identification Difficulty for the Deaf and Hard-Of Hearing Asia Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association (APSIPA), 2022-11,